You can now submit your application for the 2024 Pre-College Programs! Apply by April 19, 2024 for priority consideration.

High School Summer Programs

Seattle University offers three pre-college summer programs that provide opportunities for self-paced learning, experiential projects, and real-time engagement with our faculty and undergraduate program advisors. Students will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded young leaders from across the country!

Image for The Albers Summer Business Institute

The Albers Summer Business Institute

The Albers Summer Business Institute (SBI) at Seattle University is a credit-bearing, project-based learning program focused on social entrepreneurship. The program provides youth from African-American, LatinX/Hispanic, Native American Indigenous, and Pacific Islander heritages the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship, marketing, data visualization, accounting, economics, and more!

Image for Seattle University AI for Equity

Seattle University AI for Equity

The Seattle University AI for Equity is an experience for high school students interested in criminal justice and artificial intelligence (AI). Throughout the two weeks, students learn about the intersection of modern technology and criminal justice issues, such as bias and equity. The program is a hands-on experience that includes law enforcement and local organizations.

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Urban Sustainability

Generation Z wants to be part of the solution to our environmental challenges, and this hands-on program is focused on the student who wants to explore careers related to the environment. This program is also designed to showcase the variety of natural and built environments in the Seattle area.